Friday, October 28, 2011

facebook page

The Great Lakes & St. Lawrence Symphony has a facebook page. Check it out!
especially the youtube of the interview about lake erie.


This blog is designed to give residents around Lake Superior a chance to contribute their views to the Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Symphony (that's 'symphony' as in united voices, not symphony as in 'orchestra').

The Symphony is a coordinated by the International Water Secretariat, a non-government organization based in Montreal, Quebec (visit

The Symphony hopes to hear from residents along the lakes regarding the following questions:

  • What unites all of us who live in the Great Lakes/St. Lawrence system?
  • What is important to us and what worries us regarding our waters?
  • What do we want to promote?
  • What is our shared vision for 2035?
  • What actions should we take to make our vision come true?
In the summer of 2012, a group of 50 people selected from project participants will present a synopsis of these responses to the annual meeting of the Great Lakes Initiative, a collaborative of Great Lakes mayors.

We hope this project will continue beyond that as a mechanism for people to continue to express their goals and vision for our spectacular resource represented by the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River and Gulf.